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    My Pretty Little Girls 4/14/18

    Lovely pictures of your chams as usual
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    Got Daddy Long Legs???

    I am sorry for your loss:( I bet he was a great cham. And Congratulations on the new arrivals! It makes sense to be on here again with new chams :) I'm sure they will turn out great under your care. I'm still in college and amazingly my future goals have drastically changed. But chameleons...
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    Got Daddy Long Legs???

    Lol, its been awhile:D Currently cham-less but I'm busy anyway. I'll get back to the hobby later. I'll try to pop up here more often on here and enjoy pictures.
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    Got Daddy Long Legs???

    Cute lil cham. :)
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    DAT INTENSITY!!!! lovin' the lateral line too. congratz
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    A couple cocoons

    the moths are fuzzy and rather cute haha:D
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    Screen Cages

    I have small screen cages for sale they are all around 16 x 16 x 20in they are all in fair condition. $10 each, im in the los angeles area (highland park/ near south pasadena), and pick up only :) I also have other glass tanks, and reptile cage accessories and even a feeder bin with random...
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    Let's Play Name That Locale

    I agree with Dez, or far stretch masoala?
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    Im so, so very tired...

    I'm holding up alright. experiencing college and all, but more importantly finalizing the path i want to take academically and career wise. Those pivotal moments of choosing what i want to do with my life. :rolleyes: Hope you're holding up okay SS, and if not, take it day by day.
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    Mt Meru Jackson's

    Congratz, hope to see pics.
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    Lokis yellows !

    Awesome colors:) Gotta love that color contrast:D
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    Comment by 'Ace' in 'Insect Recipies (Entomophagy)'

    Awesome read. I actually got hungry, and I'll try it out sooner or later. Thanks!
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    Happy Birthday to Trace!

    Happy bbbbbeeeeeerrrrrfffffdddddaaaayyyyyy!!!!!!! :d:):d
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    healthy thickness?

    lol for a second i thought in the first pic you were referring to his "junk" as healthy thickness lmao. but yeah he looks cool and lil plump. however his eyes look squinted, has he been sleeping during the day? he could of just blinked to clean out his eye when you took the photo but as...
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    I'm going to Maui (and I'm going to go chameleon hunting)

    HAYOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!;):cool::D HAVE A BLAST JEREMY!!!!!! Take alot pics.....of the chams;) Sorry I couldn't make it to your Graduation Ceremony but Congrats to the achievement!!! :D:)
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