Veiled Adventures with I amfire.

The main goal of this blog is to start from the beginning, update as I see fit, and hopefully provide useful information to others. I think a lot of the story behind everything can be really helpful to someone new to chameleons. This blog might morph into something more specific as time goes on, just like my new adventure in getting a pet chameleon might turn into a different story entirely as well. Stay tuned to find out! :)

I am a complete novice. I have never owned a single pet on my own before. I only grew up with cats and dogs, never any this is a totally new adventure for me. Chameleons have a reputation for being advanced and high maintenance for a good reason. I think I started this blog to tell my story, but it's just a story. Hundreds of hours of research have gone into the total picture of the care for my chameleon, but this is my first and only chameleon.
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