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Oh Quarantine
Oh Quarantine
You always make me want to scream
Oh Quarantine
Oh Quarantine
We can get fined by the police.....*add onto please, I want to see where this could go 🙂*
I only have males left that I am selling for $200 plus shipping. Let me know if you are interested in a boy!

Update on Roz... She had successful spay surgery on Thursday, March 27th. The vet did an awesome job and Roz is now rid of her one retained egg as well as her ability to put all of us through this mess again. She’s doing very well and is chilling in her hospital bin. We’re not out of the woods yet but looking good so far. I want to say thanks to anyone who reached out with valuable and and timely advice.
Little brother is a pro at farkle. He’s at 27600 and I’m struggling to get on the board. Mind you, he’s six.😂
Things are getting desperate in Canada: it’s been over a week since I’ve used deodorant or toothpaste, and Walmart still refuses to carry my favourite brands.
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Just so we’re clear: this was a joke about my personal hygiene, not the actual availability of the aforementioned toiletries.
Ironically enough, I tore my wrist at my friends house and her mom is a nurse and her dad is a orthopedic. Me and my mom were giggling like idiots when we were filling out patient info form in the waiting room at her dads office. “Where did the incident occur- your house.” ect. 😆
Feeling accomplished today! Was able to go ahead and buy Pascal's new terrarium a whole lot sooner than expected along with the MK mystem system. On top of that, I got to see my baby shed for the first time! Ah! I also started to get his substrate ready and it is not sitting outside and should be ready to mess with again next week. The bioactive project is going to come a lot sooner for me! :LOL: :love:
Had a frog dissection demo today........... I was the one in the corner feeling bad for the already dead thing. lol,
Just got back from a 6 day ski trip! Got home to everyone being pretty much A-okay.
Pascal’s fogger, thermo-hygrometer, and crickets came in this morning! Now just waiting for his new UVB light ☺
I’m just happy I got the thermo-hydro now. Been stressed since the last one broke!
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