What do you do? Or how?

Curtis James

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So does anyone leave for weekends often? What do you do about your Cham? Like a mist king? Or waterfall? What do you do about food? Any thought?


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I have a mist king now, I had a monsoon that is now for my outside setup. If it is just a weekend every once and a while you'll be alright. But, if its gonna be On a reg basis and ur Cham is young you'll want 2 have someone feed him/her. I usually have my brother or cousin do it.


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It depends on where you live, but I just keep mine outside in their out door cages. The automatic sprinklers do the watering.


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I have mainly adult chameleons and a mistking on a timer. So if I'm leaving for 2-3 days (which I do semi-often) I just dump out any water in the drainage buckets, fill up the mistking reservoire, feed before I go, and leave. The lights are on a timer as well so I don't worry about their heat.

It depends on the age of your chameleon, but by 7-9 months it's normal for them to be on an every-other-day feeding schedule, and if they're totally full grown it's normal for them to skip 2-3 days. So I don't worry about food at all when I'm away with chameleons that at least 6 months or older, they do fine fed well on the day I leave and the day I come back.

If I have small babies or a sick chameleon I'll have someone come by to check up on them and feed, though.

Curtis James

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Thank you everyone I was worried bout him. I don't have a mist king or anything like that. But I def need one! I am worried about food he is about 6-8 months do every other day I feed him. Bit I think he should be fine I just worry about him witch most of you Cham owners do and know about that..... Typical!
As long as you have an automated system you should be good. You can also make a feeder cup and fill it with crickets, most chameleons will stop eating when they are full so you should be fine
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