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When I first got him he was in a small cage seemed pretty laid back without any sort of temper. Ever since I've purchased a bigger cage and redecorated he goes crazy if I try and take him out hisses even attempted to bite. I know most don't like being held but I have to pack him back and forth between indoors and outdoors cages and since I'm a novice I don't understand why such a dramatic change in temper. He only acts this way when inside his cage if you get out of his cage his temper goes away.


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This is typical of veiled behavior. They get real territorial over their domain, and can be quite grumpy. I would go in slow and stay below the top of his head they find that very threatening. Once you get close enough lightly nudge him under the chest while gently persuading him from behind. They will generally reach out and grab your finger and from there you can keep persuading him onto your hand. Then like you said once you get him out of his enclosure he will most likely calm down. But keep an eye on that mouth they are 95% bark but the other 5% can be quite painful. Let this all happen on his terms as much as possible don't rush it. :)
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I'm having the same problem with mine :( We've had him since he was a week old, (Now three months) and he used to love being held. He would come right to the door when we opened it. In the last week, he now hides and runs to the back and also puffs up and hisses at us. I'm hoping he goes back to his normal happy self soon!!!


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As they mature they become more territorial, and their cage is now their territory. Now they resent your intrusion more. As babies they were pretty clueless about the world. Now they are becoming themselves. They are in the "terrible teen" period. Most will calm down again as they get past the 1 year mark, but not all. Offer them favorite food treats by hand (or in a hand held container), coax them onto a perch for a trip to a favorite basking window or free range area in your home and they will be reminded that you are not a threat.
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