Possible Minor Burns?

Hello! I’ve been on chameleon forums one other time with an issue for my deceased cham, Enchi. After more research on breeders that would fit, i purchased my boy kiwi just over a year ago. His heath has been 100% all the way through and i’ve had no issues with caging or behavior problems. He is quite at tay he’s to me and hops onto my hand the second i open his cage. I love him to death! But recently, i’ve noticed he has some black around the edges of his head and thought it looked like a minor burn. If anyone could let me know that that is what this is than i will figure out my heat problem right away. I’ve had the same type of bulb and some in the same spot since he was a baby, but i worry that now he’s a little bigger a burn would be more possible.

Kiwi is a Sambava locale panther chameleon. I bought him from Kammerflage Kreations (🥰) in april 2021. He’s always been a late bloomer and still does not have a lot of colors for being over a year old. I’m fine with this of course, but thinking the black could also just be his funky color changes.

Here’s a picture, let me know what y’all think! (he was not a fan of my phone camera)♥️


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