FLChams.com thoughts?


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I’m looking to buy a male veiled chameleon around juvenile age (4-6 months). I’ve dealt with cbreptiles previously and was very dissatisfied. Was curious if anyone had any insight about FLchams and if I should buy from them. After my previous encounter with cbreptiles, online buying of chameleons makes me weary now but I can’t seem to find male veileds anywhere! Only females!


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If you want my honest opinion, do not order from them. Mine came with coccidia, I know someone else on here that went through the same thing. Mine also came quite dehydrated as well. If you really want to, then make sure you take it to a vet asap to rule out any health problems it may have, this goes for anyone no matter where you buy from but especially when ordering from Flchams.
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