Does any one thing he will do it?

Curtis James

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Also what to think age is?
The rope looks a little loose, but if he's daring... As far as age I'm not totally sure, can't tell how big those flowers are for proportion but I'll take a wild guess and say 5-6 months...probably way wrong haha.


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He looks 3-4 months to me, but could be younger or older since I can't really see anything to compare his size to. Mine don't like to walk on loose/swaying ropes/vines/plants so much. They also don't seem to like plants that are similar to that one. They prefer the bushy/leafy/branchy types and don't bother using ones that are only leaf with nothing to walk on.


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My nose be, Poseidon, will climb the cord for the curtains to get from the plants in my window to his favorite perch (a bend-a-vine that hangs from a curtain rod bracket). He gets a little freaked out when it starts swinging around as he's climbing it but he still does it every time I let him roam around. I guess it just depends how bad they want to get to the other end of the rope lol.
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