Crickets everywhere!!!!


So the people on here who helped me get all set up already know I’m terrified of loose bugs in the house. Well I just got home from the pet store with 50 small crickets I went to put them in their little cricket house. I put them in went to put the top on when my 75 pound hyper dog realized I was home and came running at me. Knocked over the cricket house in my hand and then crickets everywhere. My cat runs over and starts rolling all over them 🤦🏽‍♀️ my nieces are screaming and running out of the room. My boyfriend is trying to pick them up as he’s saying we are not wasting money on crickets 😂 one of my nieces left the house for the night cause she’s terrified. I think between the boyfriend picking them up the cat and dog eating them and one niece stepping on them we may only have 10-15 running around. All I can say is it could have been cockroaches thank god it was just crickets.


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Can't help myself from saying... Crickets are the much nastier insect to have loose in your house aside from the pest species cockroaches that most don't keep as feeders lol(not that either is great to have running around). Petstore crickets often lead to parasites for your reptiles at some point, whether you know it or not.


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Been there, done that.
As long as they don't have a source of water, they should die off pretty fast.
Now you get to look forward to finding their dried up dead bodies in all kinds of unbelievable places :)


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Omg almost cried I was laughing so hard... The cat rolling on them :hilarious:

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Hilarious!!!! :ROFLMAO:

I def understand your boyfriend's response, that is something I tell my escapees: ain't wasting a single penny on ya!!!
I've got a little Shark vacuum they seem to survive being sucked up into, that would definitely be my first response in this situation lol
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