1. Chaka

    Reptisun T5 HO

    So I've been meaning to try these bulbs but apparently they don't make/ I can't find any sizes to fit my light fixtures... I have a 24" fixture holding a 18" bulb and a 30" fixture holding a 24" bulb. Do they design these bulbs only to fit their Zoomed terrarium hoods to handle the higher...
  2. summoner12

    Bad ZooMed ReptiSun 10.0?

    Saturday I was at LLL purchasing new ZooMed UVB lamps. I purchased two 48" ReptiSun 10.0 tube lamps. When I got home I replaced the Reptisun 5.0 that was above my Melleri free range that houses Henry. I then grabbed Dave Weldon's SolorMeter 6.2 and took a reading of the new lamp. The reason...
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