1. Thezillaman21

    Zilla the kinyongia

    this is my kinyongia zilla. i have had him for 5months.:D thanks hope you enjoyed. ill get some of his sheding up eventually:p
  2. Thezillaman21

    Spider chameleon :)

    I have a wc kinyongia multi. Male. He has always bn different from most chameleons but iv bn noticeing he jumps. If something is out of reach he will launch himself towards it and snag it up super fast he also will stand with only one leg on the ground. I'm hurt worried he is ganna over estimate...
  3. Thezillaman21

    Chameleon is acting strange

    My k. Multi always was a little skittish around my hands I noticed earlier that he was showing intrest in the feeding tongues. I am currently sick and fell asleep waiting for the misting I had recently done to dry. I just woke up and realized his lutes were still on while hitting the off...
  4. Thezillaman21

    dubia roaches for my cham.

    because the fact most crickets i order in bulk die in the first week and it just crazy to my local pet store and pay 11cents a cricket plus the tax makeing it about $1.36 for 10 crickets which my cham and frog eat in each feeding i was thinking roaches might be the way to go i know dubias cant...
  5. Kinyongia Stud

    Kinyongia Stud

    My male k. Multi. in a very pleasant mood during cage cleaning.
  6. The Stud

    The Stud

    kinyongia multi during random photo shoot.
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