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    My chameleon is having a prolapse and needs help fast! Please give me some tips on how to get it back in. Thank you :)
  2. ashleyroxyou

    Need a little reassuring :/

    Chameleon Info: Your Chameleon - Female Veiled. Purchased in March '13 (5 months). Estimated to be around 10 months-1 year Handling - Interaction daily (i.e. when cup/hand feeding, misting, etc.) Rarely bring her out of enclosure. Gets out when she wants to. Feeding - Dusted crickets, meal...
  3. T

    Worried About My Senegalese Chameleon

    I recently bought a senegalese chameleon a week ago today actually. I saw it at the pet store and saw that its health was going downhill so I got it in hopes of getting it back to health. When I got it home I went out and grabbed some grasshoppers from the backyard (no pesticides ever used...
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