1. Yawn or Scream?

    Yawn or Scream?

    Wolfgang was a little cranky. He kept demanding more and more Head and Shoulders...
  2. Dandruff


    I woke up today and Wolfgang had a horrible case of dandruff. A little over 8 weeks old. Second molt.
  3. ...And a hunting we shall go....

    ...And a hunting we shall go....

    Wolfgang out for a meal.
  4. ...And a hunting we shall go...

    ...And a hunting we shall go...

    Out for a little dinner. About 7 weeks old.
  5. Out and About

    Out and About

    Wolfgang on his hibiscus by the window. Just out for a stroll.
  6. Live Long and Prosper

    Live Long and Prosper

    First picture of Wolfgang EVER!!! Showing a little color. When Wolfgang grows up, he aspires to be a Vulcan.
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