1. mirrinias

    What does excessive UVB light do to reptiles?

    Hello all, Let's assume we are talking about reptiles not receiving a D3 supplement. Captive reptiles can suffer from an excess of D3 due to over-supplementation. However, in the wild, reptiles receive D3 from UVB exposure and their food only. My question is, if I were to put a desert uvb...
  2. d3s5

    Free Ranging Gone Wild

    Everything was going well for the first 4 months of free ranging. Phineas seemed happy and kept to his FR and the blinds. Then about two months ago he started to become interested in the bird. Staring at the bird and sleeping right behind his cage. I don't know how to tell...
  3. MyChameleonIsBro

    How do chameleons get all these nutrients in the wild?

    There's so many different powders and diets and nutrients we're suppose to keep up with for our beloved chameleons but how do they hold up undomesticated and in the wild? _______________ New Video Soon http://www.youtube.com/Mr3BASEBOY
  4. Echoezra

    Anybody breeding for "wild" Nosy Be look, rather than true blue?

    Olympia's pictures of Cobalt got me started/drooling, lol. And then I saw that link to the translated site with pictures of wild chameleons from different locales. I can't stop looking at them, just gorgeous! I checked out the chameleon company and their breeders Greaseball & Tripod, and that is...
  5. Anilr16

    Fruit fly help

    People. I bought a vial from Timberline co. and it was a waist of 6 bucks lol. Are flightless fruit flies available in the wild.? Or are were they bred to have this characteristic. I live here in Orlando FL. How can I catch these valuable guys for my babies. Pin heads are breaking my bank. haha...
  6. Mediterranian Chameleon

    Mediterranian Chameleon

    A Mediterranian chameleon crossing the brow of a sand dune, Costa de la Luz close to where I live in Spain.
  7. Helping Him To Cross The Road

    Helping Him To Cross The Road

    In our trip to Madagascar we saw a Panther crossing the road and we decided to stop to give him a hand , and to take some pics of course!
  8. Zeus my Wc Male Quad Sleeping

    Zeus my Wc Male Quad Sleeping

    This is my WC male Quad (Zeus). I had him for about 4 years now
  9. Wild Cought Cham

    Wild Cought Cham

  10. Wild Jackson In The Jungle

    Wild Jackson In The Jungle

    Female wild Jackson we discovered while hiking
  11. Wild Jackson

    Wild Jackson

    Female wild Jackson in the jungle
  12. Jackson In The Wild

    Jackson In The Wild

    This is a female Jackson we discovered while hiking on Sunday. She didn't even get stressed when we picked her up.
  13. Wild Florida Blues

    Wild Florida Blues

    Florida Wild Caught Veiled
  14. Wld Blk Jk 4

    Wld Blk Jk 4

    wild jackson
  15. Juvie Wld jack

    Juvie Wld jack

    Juvie wild jackson
  16. Wld Blk Jk 3

    Wld Blk Jk 3

    Wild jackson
  17. Wld Blk Jk 2

    Wld Blk Jk 2

  18. Wld Blk Jk 1

    Wld Blk Jk 1

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