1. Stalker

    Weak female veiled

    Chameleon Info: Your Chameleon - Female Veiled Chameleon ... around year and 5 months old. I'm looking after her for year and 2 months. Handling - very rarely ... once a week maybe. Feeding - im feeding her with crickets, zophobas morio, mealworms and once a month waxworm. Supplements...
  2. Bokaru

    Food and water refusal

    Hello everyone, recently I have been having a bit of trouble with my Senegal Peppers. He has slowly gotten worse and worse and this week he has started to really concern me. I was worried before, but I was told that he was probably just getting burnt out on crickets. * Your Chameleon -...
  3. Owner of Spanky

    Female weak grip and hanging out at the bottom

    My female cham is hanging around the bottom of her cage a lot. She also has a very weak grip. I think it might be signs of MBD. Cage Info: Cage Type - What kind of cage are you using? What is the size? I am in the process of getting her a new cage, but the one I have now is glass with...
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