1. LLLReptile

    Mist King Misting System - reliable and one of the best systems out there!

    The Mist King is considered one of the very best misting systems on the market today! * * We put together this system by listening to our customers. The components featured are the most commonly ordered and asked for by our customers. You can further customize the system by adding more...
  2. lizzleberry

    yemen chameleons eye wont open

    hi just fed my baby (abut 3 weeks old) yemen chameleon his first wax worm i hadnt noticed it before this, but one of his eyes seems stuck closed i have no idea why he has a ubv light, curtains are open during the day, today he went without a heat lamp because his blew and i have just gotten...
  3. summoner12

    Out with the old, in with the new!

    Aight. SO to go along with my new misting system I thought it would be a good idea to get some nice looking and very functional misting nozzles. I have Herpmist nozzles....... BUT since Jason is MIA and I can't get parts from him anymore... :rolleyes: I went with Mist King. I have a Mist...
  4. summoner12

    DIY HD 'Auto Mister' for under $100

    Recently a couple of people have asked about making home misting systems. I had seen a similar design on another forum a couple of years ago. I decided to build a hand pump auto mister. Items Purchased/needed: 1-Hand pump garden mister. 1-Garden sprinkler controller. 1-Garden sprinkler...
  5. B

    Chameleon care while away

    I occasionally (once or twice a month) have to leave for the weekend (usually around 2 nights), would my veiled chameleon be alright during this time? I am aware that it can go for that time period without food, but does anyone have any recommendations on how to give it water (I don't have...
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