1. LLLReptile

    The biggest selection of calciums and multivitamins at the best prices!

    We all know how vital good supplementation is to chameleon care - we have a huge selection of calcium and multivitamins so you can choose the exact supplement that works best for your situation! The tried and true favorite - Rep Cal Calcium with D3 $5.95 Outdoor chameleons? No problem...
  2. MOsKeeper

    Vitamin suplements

    Ok so as well as my Cham, i also have 2 crested geckos that iv had for almost a year now. Even since i got them the only thing ive ever fed them is the Rapshy Creested Geecko Diet (along with some crickets for treats). The stuff is great, and i was walkin through my local pet store and found...
  3. summoner12

    Vitamin D Information

    This link was posted in the UVB meter forum I am a member of. I thought I would share it with the CF members.
  4. Vitamin A Deficency, Please Help.

    Vitamin A Deficency, Please Help.

    Someone please tell me, with the care I have been giving him, how long it'll take him to recover if he ever does?
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