1. Chameleon87

    Help! Eye completely black & shut

    Milton “the Monster: is a 3 yr 4 month old male panther chameleon. His right eye is completely black, you can't see the iris. He can see out of it and track movements and everything I just think it agitates him if he uses it too much. Look at the attached pictures!!! His eye had problems...
  2. Seeco

    Some potential insight into chameleon eyes, brains and "handedness"

    If this leads to your PhD please give me some credit... I have a chameleon with his right eye scarred over and left eye fine. He has been this way for over a year and is healthy. The funny thing is that despite his right eye being blind he still favors the right side of his body. So he leads...
  3. Beelzebub At Her Perch

    Beelzebub At Her Perch

    A shot of my female veiled subadult Beelzebub showing off her stereoscopic vision.
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