1. SamW

    A Real Treat

    So.. I was wondering, what's a REAL treat for my veiled chameleon? He regularly eats crickets, meal and wax worms, some fruit, solemnly red peppers and zucchini, and hopefully soon some other vegetables: kale, mustard greens, and sweet potatoes, but I am wondering what is the ultimate treat...
  2. sandrachameleon

    Green Leafy Goodness

    Some info on a few of the common green leafy gutload items that many of you already know about, but which I hope some of you will nevertheless find useful…. Arugula (aka Rocket) A good source of Protein...
  3. sandrachameleon

    Nutritional Values in a variety of common gutload items

    For your interest: Nutrients in Mustard Greens Nutrients in Romaine Lettuce Nutrients in Collard Greens...
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