uvb lighting

  1. ReptileLove18

    Best Linear UVB Bulbs?

    i'm looking for opinions for what linear UVB to get for my big cham set up. i'm getting a male veiled, he's gonna be 3-4 months old when we bring him home. I have a 2 ft x 2 ft x 4ft screen enclosure and a fixture that holds a 24 inch bulb. so what brands and strength (5.0 or 10.0) would you all...
  2. Z

    lights for a Bearded dragon

    i probably could have asked this up in the other section but the light are for a dragon and i love following some rules lol. so i recently decided that my dragon needs some more UV lights for his tank. He only had a small bulb that was on the hot side of his tank. I went out today and bought...
  3. summoner12

    New Zoo Med 10.0 T8 readings

    These readings are from some lamps Zoo Med sent me. They are not the market product, just demo lamps. The lamps tested here are F38. Meaning they are 38Watt lamps. Most fixtures you'll find in the US are F32... meaning 32Watt. I have tested the lamps in an F32 fixture for the demonstration...
  4. gideonus

    Still confused about proper UVB lighting

    I'm wondering if any experts out there can give me some definitive answers. I know my screed is rather long, but I'd very much appreciate if you could take my questions on one my one. I've given them a lot of thought, but am not having much success in getting solid answers. I'm sure these...
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