1. All About Chameleon P**p!

    All About Chameleon P**p!

    !!!SUBSCRIBE, LIKE, COMMENT!!! Don't forget to watch this video in HD!! Hi everyone this is a video is all about .. you guessed it, CHAMELEON P00P. I hope th...
  2. EpicWin

    Picky Pooper

    Hey everyone! So I have a super awesome blue bar ambilobe panther and he's really healthy, drinks lots of water (I don't see him drink, but his urates are perfect white), eats normally... The ONE quirk I have noticed with Heisenberg is, he will NOT poop in his cage. Like, EVER. And if he does...
  3. deadhd5

    Orange Urate has me stumped

    Chameleon Info: Your Chameleon - Ambilobe Male, 6 months How long has it been in your care?- 2 months Handling - Twice in 2 months (when I got him, and when I moved him to his new cage) Feeding - 12-15 appropriately sized feeders a day. 50% crickets gutloaded on butternut squash, arugula...
  4. OfficialChameleon

    Runny Urate! Help!

    Hey Guys! My veiled cham, is having some runny urate, he has had this for the last 3 times he has pooped. I posted pictures, the bown part of his poop looks healthy, and his urate IS white, but its runny! Please help...
  5. littleliz

    Eggy mess

    My cham has been restless wandering all over the viv for a few days now which usually means that she is looking for a mate/expecting eggs. I have put her laying bin in the viv for her. She has layed eggs before with no major problems. She has never been mated. This morning I noticed in the place...
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