1. cswan19

    Malibu update!

    Its been a really long time since I posted any pictures on the forum. I just recently started browsing the forums again after a few months. But anyway just thought me and Malibu would drop in and say hello.
  2. ReptiGurl

    Razu Recently!

    Hello everyone! I haven't done a 'Razu Update' since his birthday! My camera broke awhile ago and I was so lucky to be given a new one for my birthday last week, so I will try and post more photos more frequently! He shed a week or two ago, and it was long over due so that was exciting...
  3. Raphael1047

    *update* chameleon not eating and burn on head

    I posted about a week ago about my panther chameleon's burn and her eating.I just wanted to update everyone about her and i had a few questions.The burn is probably a infection but I have been putting antibiotics every day. She has started eating again but I don't know how much to feed a gravid...
  4. Zajlol

    update on my sambava panther(video)

    hey guys this is an update on my sambava he is now 6 months old and so much brighter!!! check out this video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wq0F5eqsnBI
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