1. Kibi's Growing

    Kibi's Growing

    Getting bigger and filling in his colors
  2. Jerry Close Up

    Jerry Close Up

    at about 7 months
  3. Mj Semi-fired Up

    Mj Semi-fired Up

    Unless I put one of his girlfriend in his cage he wont throw his full yellow/orange background with solid blue bars, I can't do that at the moment since she just laid eggs :)
  4. Puffed Up And Ready!

    Puffed Up And Ready!

    Female chameleon puffed up and changed colors
  5. Cage Set Up

    Cage Set Up

    This is my set up for my Female Veiled and my two flapjacks. The concrete container collects water that also has two bricks in each to raise the cage so the doors can open.
  6. Vali Close Up

    Vali Close Up

  7. Token Fired Up!

    Token Fired Up!

  8. Goblin Fired Up!

    Goblin Fired Up!

  9. I think I woke him...

    I think I woke him...

    This is a picture I took of Yoshi while he was finding his sleaping spot.
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