1. johncjb

    Tree Branches Safe For Chameleons?

    So I want to put some tree branches in my chameleon cage. Currently I have a plum tree, apricot tree, cherry tree, and a nectarine tree. Are any of these trees' branches safe for chams? From my research, I have found that plum leaves are toxic, but cherry and apricot trees are safe...
  2. B

    Is photinia okay for chameleons

    Hi I'm my screen cage i bought a plant called photinia because i couldn't find the ficus or pothos etc. I picked this plant in faith as i saw it on here thinking i was doing things right until i recently found out that they are toxic when...
  3. gollum


    ola amigos, just wondered how many different food items people use, i wanna feed give my cham all i can get, but i also wanna know whats a good staple food and whats a good treat, dont wanna get him malnurished! hes a picky eater, but really healthy and strong, just started shedding his skin...
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