1. chamcrazy

    veiled egg incubation time frame?

    Hello. I have a gravid female that was bred with my beautiful male on July 6th. (First time.) They are both very healthy and active. I have searching the internet and books for a good solid answer to one question, but I keep getting a major conflict in the answers. I found this forum and now...
  2. Snoopy


    Whatcha lookin at??
  3. Sleepy Time

    Sleepy Time

    I love hissleepy timecolors...looking torwardto his shedding the red id tagon his tail though!
  4. Pastel In The Tub

    Pastel In The Tub

    she moved closer to the water
  5. Pastel In The Tub

    Pastel In The Tub

    she getting a shower
  6. Tokens Bath Time

    Tokens Bath Time

  7. Cranky


  8. Much easier this way!

    Much easier this way!

    He is to the point where he will stay in that dish while he eats about a dozen crickets. Once he is done eating, he will head back into his cage.
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