1. Chamson

    Looking for B. thamnobates - any locale.

    Looking to buy pairs or individual B. thamnobates - any locale. Located in Minneapolis. For my personal collection / breeding project. Thanks.
  2. Female Midlands Dwarf

    Female Midlands Dwarf

    From my "Sunset pastel" line
  3. Midlands Dwarf Breeder Male

    Midlands Dwarf Breeder Male

    Bradypodion Thamnobates - from my "Blueblood" line.
  4. Midlands Dwarf Breeder Male

    Midlands Dwarf Breeder Male

    From my "Blueblood" line. 3.5 years old.
  5. B. Thamnobates

    B. Thamnobates

    Kuze showing off.
  6. Bradypodion Thamnobates Male

    Bradypodion Thamnobates Male

    Male Thamno in the garden sunning himself
  7. Bradypodion Thamnobates

    Bradypodion Thamnobates

    Took about 100 pictures of the guy.
  8. Bradypodion Thamnobates (natal Dwarf)

    Bradypodion Thamnobates (natal Dwarf)

    Another pic of this magnificent chameleon.
  9. Bradypodion Thamnobates(natal Dwarf Chameleon)

    Bradypodion Thamnobates(natal Dwarf Chameleon)

    Found a Natal dwarf chameleon. He was very tame. Thought I would share the beauty.
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