1. mirrinias

    Show me some proof!

    I'm currently in a discussion elsewhere regarding the synthesis of D3 in reptiles. The care guide states (and many veterinary sources say the same) that: Excessive vitamins in the diet, especially vitamin D3, can lead to toxicity, and some species are more sensitive to overdose toxicity...
  2. blackened

    Repashy calcium plus vs seperate supplements

    Hi everyone, Currently we are using exo terra calcium, exo terra calcium d3 & Komodo multivitamin in the advised schedule for a veiled chameleon. However, I see quite a few people using repashy calcium plus on here including quite a few trusted members. I'm wondering if anyone knows any...
  3. sandrachameleon

    what's in supplements, by brand

    Hi Do you use a product not already on this list? if so, please would you send me the ingredient list etc? Do you use Nutrobol? If so, could you send me the details for that product please? Do you use...
  4. B

    Proper Supplementation

    Hello I recently started using a new supplement for my chameleons. I was wondering how often per week i should supplement zoomed's repti-calcium and/or rep cals calcium. and how often i should supplement them with herptivite. thanks:cool:
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