1. ReptiGeek

    Is this branch safe?

    Okay so I took this branch off of my tree outside. I'm not sure what kind of tree it is to be entirely honest but it grows red maple-leaf-like leaves during bloom. It's small and has remained small for years! I'd say no taller then 9 ft. We've had some hectic wind and this branch was one of the...
  2. B

    How do people stick bamboo horizontally in their setup?

    I recently just bought some of those bamboo stick things because i saw some pictures with people having them horizontally just kind of sticking to the mesh or something and i was wandering how people are doing this and if someone could tell me how thanks.
  3. Tenaru


    Tenaru, a male blue bar Ambilobe exploring the great outdoors
  4. Goodbye Stick Bug

    Goodbye Stick Bug

    all thats left of the stick insect is a couple feet soon to follow the rest of it down this female panters throat
  5. Pookie on stick highway

    Pookie on stick highway

    Pookie on stick highway
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