1. Skittles - 6 Month Male

    Skittles - 6 Month Male

    skittles pics and viv
  2. Skittles Pic

    Skittles Pic

    Skittles 6 month old veiled male
  3. Skiitles In Tree

    Skiitles In Tree

    panther chameleon in christmas tree
  4. Skittles


  5. Queen Senegal - Check Out The Crown :)

    Queen Senegal - Check Out The Crown :)

    First experience with hibiscus flower
  6. Mellow Yellow

    Mellow Yellow

    Basking in the light
  7. Skittles


    Out time
  8. Puffed Up

    Puffed Up

    "mom get out of here I'm not ready for my close up"
  9. Skittles


    Shes about 5 months old. I basically rescued her from some guy on craigslist. She eats allot! She loves relaxing on her branch.
  10. Eggs


    Clutch from Skittles and Mango
  11. Toby and Skittles.

    Toby and Skittles.

    Who says panther chameleons don't like each other? They were suppose to bred.... I think Toby likes to take it slow. maybe on the 3rd day.
  12. Skittles, hybrid panther

    Skittles, hybrid panther

    Skittles is our female Hybrid (morph) panther chameleon she is 50% Nosy Be and 50% Ambilobe
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