1. CZDalkan

    eating old skin

    Hi, my female of R. brevicaudatus was shadding yesterday. Under her branch was plenty pieces of her old skin. What was surprise, when this skin pieces disappeared today´s morning and the female was close to this place. Is possible that she or other chams in terrarium ate her old skin?
  2. SamW

    Optimal Setup?

    What size and type of lights would be optimal for a teenage male veiled cham? He lives in a screened 48"H x 24"W x 24"D. He's been having some skin/shedding issues around his yellow stripes and has also shown some signs of a URI (I'm getting this treated soon, anyone have any estimates on...
  3. deadhd5

    Skin Problem(s) need advice!

    Hello everyone, I am need of some advice on the skin problems pictured below on my buddy Reggie Jackson. I have made a vet appointment for Tuesday but value the advice of experienced keepers and vets on this board above all. Chameleon Info: Your Chameleon - Jackson Xanth Male, approx 8...
  4. Poorly Tale

    Poorly Tale

  5. Shedding Time For Jade

    Shedding Time For Jade

    My 3 year old Veiled Chameleon shedding her skin.
  6. Shedding Skin

    Shedding Skin

    Mitch shedding
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