1. Ambush


    Trident, jacksonii jacksonii sire waiting on his prey.
  2. Seeco

    Two Fathers to One Clutch

    We all know that female chameleons can produce more than one clutch of eggs from a single mating. If this happens all the time, why wouldn't it be possible for a female to mate with 2 males and produce a clutch with 2 different fathers? Some of the eggs could be fertilized by an old mate and...
  3. Chameleontb83's Veiled Cham Pallo 1

    Chameleontb83's Veiled Cham Pallo 1

    Here's one of my sire Veileds, Pallo. I love him, he's so gentle and calm, and loves to be held. He never even gets stressed!
  4. The New Little Guy

    The New Little Guy

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