1. Out For Lunch

    Out For Lunch

    Naboo snags an Indian Walking Stick insect during his photoshoot.
  2. Red In The Face

    Red In The Face

    Adult male panther in the pre dawn hours.
  3. Panther Shot

    Panther Shot

  4. New Breeder - Head Shot

    New Breeder - Head Shot

    Head shot of new breeder male looking dapper!
  5. My Nosy Be

    My Nosy Be

    This is my cham, chamy. Say hello chamy! :)
  6. You'd Have Better Luck With Your Eyes Open

    You'd Have Better Luck With Your Eyes Open

    Ray vs silkworm
  7. Have Some Tongue!

    Have Some Tongue!

    Cham tasting the cam.
  8. Full Extension

    Full Extension

    Female Veiled Eatting A Cricket
  9. Baby Panther Action Shot

    Baby Panther Action Shot

    3.5 month old Ambilobe Panther Chameleon going after a snack
  10. Tyr Body Shot

    Tyr Body Shot

  11. MMM super worm

    MMM super worm

    tongue on its way back
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