1. Nigel, my Nosy Mitsio Panther

    Nigel, my Nosy Mitsio Panther

    This is from the first day I introduced him into his habitat.
  2. aeolis23

    Blue vs. red gums ?

    Hi I am keeping pygmy chameleons at home, and I noticed that sometimes their gums are blue and sometimes pink/red. I didn't notice if it differs intra-individual or inter-individual, as it's been a long time since I noticed the blue mouth with another pygmy than the one I saw now with the...
  3. Norcal55

    Ambilobe Holdbacks & 3 month olds

    Ambilobe Holdbacks & 3 month olds ***FREE SHIPPING*** UPDATE ***FREE SHIPPING*** Hello, We are making some room for new additions and have several beautiful Ambilobe Panther Chameleons ready for new homes. The sire to all of these are "Flash". Hold Back #7 is 5 months old $250+ cost of...
  4. Fruit Loops - Ambanja Panther

    Fruit Loops - Ambanja Panther

    This is my Ambanja panther Fruit Loops. I got him from Chamalot Chameleons. In his older years he has gone from a green and blue to a orange and blue. He really is spectacular. Both these photos are the same animal. :-)
  5. Chameleontb83's Panther Cham Crayon 1

    Chameleontb83's Panther Cham Crayon 1

    Another one of my buddies, Crayon. He's wonderful, very calm and gentle natured. He has such a beautiful spectrum of colors!
  6. Splash Juvenile

    Splash Juvenile

    Blue Barred Ambilobe from our Splash Line at ChameleonAddict
  7. Hunter In The Shadows

    Hunter In The Shadows

    Orion: 9 month old male ambilobe from the Kammer Rich lines
  8. Tony Clifton

    Tony Clifton

    Our red-barred male after a little shower.
  9. Happy Chameleon

    Happy Chameleon

    Red barred ambilobe colors developing
  10. Chameleon Staredown

    Chameleon Staredown

    Looking into the eyes of a chameleon
  11. Hint Of Color

    Hint Of Color

    Colors just starting to come in!!!!
  12. Sleeping Beauty

    Sleeping Beauty

  13. Sleeping Beauty

    Sleeping Beauty

  14. Sancho Enjoying A Dubia

    Sancho Enjoying A Dubia

    Yum Yum Dubia!
  15. Red Rudis

    Red Rudis

    Getting his D3!
  16. Smile!


    Blue Bar Ambilobe Male happily looking for a bite to eat
  17. O Rly?

    O Rly?

    Baby chameleon bein' a smarty.
  18. Suriname Red Tail - Female

    Suriname Red Tail - Female

    She's about to Shed
  19. Sambatra


    Sambatra enjoying a sunny day!
  20. Beast


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