1. Feeling pretty

    Feeling pretty

    Miss Grumpy all dressed up and no where to go. Receptive adult female veiled approx 1 yo
  2. Furcifer Brussis

    A Little Oustalets Breeding Insights

    Heres a brief post i did on my fb page about breeding furcifer oustaletti. Ive been breeding them for a few years and I've had a lot of experience with them in the wild as well.
  3. SoCaliSon

    Matings that got too Violent.

    Okay so Lombardi's main squeeze Sookie has been showing intense Receptive colors for the last few days. She laid 49 eggs from her mating with Lombardi in January... Here is the thread if you aren't familiar with the culprits.Lombardi's Sex Tape.:D. I decided to let her in his cage again the...
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