1. Rango 2014

    Rango 2014

    Rango chilling
  2. Jingle Cham

    Jingle Cham

    Rango Jr spreading peace
  3. Rango


    First day
  4. Rango


  5. Rango Jr In Paradise

    Rango Jr In Paradise

    Rango climbing his favorite plant "BIRD OF PARADISE" only bird he can play with!
  6. What's Up?

    What's Up?

    Rango just hangimg around
  7. Rango'many Disguises

    Rango'many Disguises

    Rango and friends
  8. Gotcha!


    Rango is a 4 month old Panther Nosey be Chameleon on tje hunt for his daily dinner. He is eating a cricket. Yum.yum.good!
  9. Rango's Enclosure

    Rango's Enclosure

    This enclosure is a 19"x19"x23" Exo-Terra enclosure. The plants are live and Rango absolutely loves them. The sticks in his cage are from a Tree species called "Twisty Baby Locust" they make a wonderful visual within the habitat.
  10. King Of The Jungle

    King Of The Jungle

    Rango striding across his cage
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