pygmy leaf chameleon

  1. Fashionably "Out-Of-Focus"

    Fashionably "Out-Of-Focus"

    I walked by the pygmy terrarium and saw this guy strutting around near the front of the cage which is a rarity (as they usually hide amongst the plants). So I seized the opportunity to take 23 pictures. Some were completely in focus. But this photo, which is partly in and out of focus caught my eye.
  2. Pebble the Penes-Packing Pygmy

    Pebble the Penes-Packing Pygmy

    Wow, who knew that this alliteration would revolve around the letter P? This is Pebble, my male Brookesia superciliaris. The true extent of his hemipenal bulge is covered by the leaves. Take notes @javadi.
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