1. Parson's Chameleon

    Parson's Chameleon

    Female Athena Orange Eye Parson's Chameleon
  2. My favorite flavor of popsicle (May 2016)

    My favorite flavor of popsicle (May 2016)

  3. Loving the blue (May 2016)

    Loving the blue (May 2016)

  4. Lleroy

    Parsons - Male and female - ID Subspecies?

    Bought these two Parsons last year. They were young - about 8 - 10months. Guy said they are a pair. Couldn't sex them( post last year: ) . 95% of people told me they are both males. They started to show some colour...
  5. Blue Face

    Blue Face

    male parsonii
  6. Blue Cheek

    Blue Cheek

    male parsonii
  7. Focus


    Parson Female
  8. Stick Em Up!

    Stick Em Up!

  9. Female Par

    Female Par

    new arrival
  10. Afternoon sun

    Afternoon sun

    Male Parsonii taking in some late afternoon sun.
  11. Parson face

    Parson face

    This was a Male Parson that I raised back in the late 90's.
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