1. ashleyroxyou

    Need a little reassuring :/

    Chameleon Info: Your Chameleon - Female Veiled. Purchased in March '13 (5 months). Estimated to be around 10 months-1 year Handling - Interaction daily (i.e. when cup/hand feeding, misting, etc.) Rarely bring her out of enclosure. Gets out when she wants to. Feeding - Dusted crickets, meal...
  2. NWD

    Pair of mellers

    Hello I am picking up a pair of mellers tomorrow. They are both wild caught and very large adults. They appear very healthy and have been in the shops possession for about three months. They have been treated once for worms but the medication used was not know by who I spoke with. They are...
  3. Ethen44

    Parasite info?

    Is anyone aware of any detailed blogs or websites about different parasites that can harm your chameleon? My 1.2 F. Pardalis' seem to be parasite free, but I would like to read up on preventative care, and symptoms of the standard parasitic or bacterial infections they may be prone to. Any help...
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