parasite treatment

  1. NHenn

    Chameleon Coccidia Parasite and Treatment:

    About a month and a half ago I purchased my latest addition to our chameleon family, a 10 month old Nosy Be female Panther named Naila. As she was from a different breeder than my other panthers, I kept her and her cage separate from all the other chameleons encase she happen to have something...
  2. JackAttack

    PARASITE...Eimeria cage?

    ok, so this is what jack has been diagnosed with, Eimeria Coccidia, parasite. so he's on treatment with Albon? i believe its called.... i'd have to check for sure, and is recieving injections of fluid to go along with it. my question is, how do i make this parasite go away.........what do i have...
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