1. Negotiation


    ,,We can either shake hand or I can strangle you. I’ve done half of the job already in both options.”
  2. Photo model!

    Photo model!

    My little baby female panther chameleon is a natural for photo shooting! Her name is Eva!
  3. M

    Chameleon-Tour in Madagascar

    Hi All, we go again on a Chameleon-Tour on the wonderful Island of Madagascar. The Tour starts around 24 March 2012 and we stay 3 Weeks in Madagascar. the following Nationalparks and Destinations ar our Taget on this Expedition Andasibe NP Ankarafantsika NP Ankaramy Ambanja Ankify...
  4. redtom123

    Nosy faly update Madagascar 2011

    I just updated my Nosy faly site including video checkit out on: enjoy it Thomas
  5. Watching You Watching Me

    Watching You Watching Me

    Closeup of our new panther chameleon
  6. Bluemoon's Flowers

    Bluemoon's Flowers

    This is Bluemoon, a 3 months old panther chameleon. He is taking a stroll in a flower bush in my backyard.
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