panther babies

  1. Texas Ranger

    US Sambava panther chameleons 3 to 5 months old.

    Hello yall. We have some awesome panther chameleon sambava local babies available. The sire is Mufasa I will post a few pics of him as well as some of the babies available check out those awesome U bars. I have males and female 3 to 5 months of age. Males 3 months start at $475 Males 5 months...
  2. Camiezone

    US Pure sambava babies.

    Hi everyone. My precious babies are almost ready for new adventures and branches to explore. I got 9 total. Pure Sambava Panther babies, all hatched throughout September, 2021. Sire ~LEIF~ is from Kammerflage. He is 1.7 yrs old, Weighs 207 grams, perfect health, gentle temperament and extremely...
  3. PlowShredder

    US RBBB Babies Ready around 5/20/21

    RBBB babies are growing up fast! A small number of individuals will be available starting around 5/20/21. More Individuals will be available shortly after due to the different hatch dates of the clutch. Sire and Dams Sire pictured below, I will post pictures of the babies as they approach...
  4. Photo model!

    Photo model!

    My little baby female panther chameleon is a natural for photo shooting! Her name is Eva!
  5. Kat_72

    Panther babies for sale

    i have some beautiful cross locale panthers for sale. Hatched June1-7 they have been showing color since month 2-3. Parents can be traced through Kammerflage bloodlines. Sire is Ambanja/Ambilobe Dam is noseybe The males are showing beautiful blues and teals. Females are also showing some teals...
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