1. Furcifer Brussis

    A Little Oustalets Breeding Insights

    Heres a brief post i did on my fb page about breeding furcifer oustaletti. Ive been breeding them for a few years and I've had a lot of experience with them in the wild as well. https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=1123912147624193&id=1097661123582629
  2. Tyaeda

    Oustalet's Chameleons are gorgeous!

    I've been trying to look up some care sheets on these big fellers cause, now that i've seen them, I just have to have one! It will be some time down the road, but I'd like to get to know as much as I can about them, of course. I heard that they are similar to panthers, but require a larger...
  3. jpricewood

    Oustalet's eggs not pipping post sweating

    Hi everyone, Well, I seem to be having a common problem, but I'll give this a shot in case someone has new insight. I think I've read every thread on this forum pertaining to sweating, pipping, and cutting. So, I have 36 Oustalet's eggs that have been incubating for exactly 10 months. They...
  4. SoCaliSon

    Worlds Largest Cham! Which one is it?

    I have always thought that Parsons was the worlds largest Cham Species... This is correct according to the Chams of Madagascar DVD I am addicted to watching daily. But I have seen sellers advertising other species such as Mellers and Oustalets as the worlds largest Cham... What's the Deal...
  5. Rexy's Cage

    Rexy's Cage

  6. T-rex


    He is big
  7. T-rex's New Cage

    T-rex's New Cage

  8. T-rex


  9. Rexy


    Female oustalets. Mom of T-Rex
  10. T-rex


    my oustalets
  11. Female Oustalets Chameleon

    Female Oustalets Chameleon

    Affordable Exotics female Oustalet Chameleon
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