1. Fruit Loops - Ambanja Panther

    Fruit Loops - Ambanja Panther

    This is my Ambanja panther Fruit Loops. I got him from Chamalot Chameleons. In his older years he has gone from a green and blue to a orange and blue. He really is spectacular. Both these photos are the same animal. :-)
  2. Gantu


    Orange Eye Parson's
  3. Padre Chilling Out

    Padre Chilling Out

    Padre the most laid back chameleon.
  4. Orange Spots

    Orange Spots

    My 3 year old Veiled Chameleon is showing unusual colour and keeping one eye shut.
  5. Orange


    jerry orange
  6. Odie


  7. Odie


  8. Orange Sun

    Orange Sun

    Posing for his first shoot.
  9. Orange Beauty

    Orange Beauty

    Orange Beauty
  10. Odie


    All about Odie
  11. Checkerboard Chameleon

    Checkerboard Chameleon

    Done the background by hand, no rulers nothing :)
  12. Bruno Sleeping

    Bruno Sleeping

    here is bruno sleeping. 21sept08
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