1. Morning mist

    Morning mist

    My Nosy Be chameleon enjoying a morning mist and the spring sunshine. His range of colors are very beautiful.
  2. NosyBe15

    My Male has Gular Edema.. Help!

    Hey Everyone. I have a 17mo old male NosyBe Panther. I have noticed he has Gular Edema. (Definate man boobs, going on to a size D if you ask me). I will admit I havent been paying as much attention to him in the last 2 weeks I was really watching my female because she was going to lay...
  3. NosyBe15

    My NosyBe Clarence @ 10mo

    He turns 10mo this weekend, but I will be out of town. He says hello after a shower.. He thought I had food, but nope just taking some pics... He is such an eating machine!!!! Let me know what you think!!!:D
  4. Watching You Watching Me

    Watching You Watching Me

    Closeup of our new panther chameleon
  5. Emmet


    NosyBe Panther Chameleon
  6. Emmet


    NosyBe Panther Chameleon
  7. Cobalt, My big blue baby.

    Cobalt, My big blue baby.

    Cobalt, Ambanja/Nosy be cross JUST as he neared 11 months old. His colors weren't fully developed at the time. He is a direct son of Glofindel, of, and I'm extremely happy to have the son of such a legendary Ambanja. R.I.P Glorfindel
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