1. Baby Nosey Be Fritz

    Baby Nosey Be Fritz

    This is my Cham I got today. He's a 4month old true blue nosey be.
  2. Nosey Be

    Nosey Be

  3. What Praying Mantis?

    What Praying Mantis?

    Cobalt eating an mantid
  4. Gizmo What A Cute Little Dude (hoj's)

    Gizmo What A Cute Little Dude (hoj's)

  5. Gonzo


    My best friend's chameleon
  6. Kickin' Back Poolside

    Kickin' Back Poolside

    Bodhi, Nosey Be Cham enjoying a sunny day poolside. Thanks Lancecham for bringing him into our lives. We love him!
  7. Hollywood -7-23-06-2

    Hollywood -7-23-06-2

  8. Hollywood 7-23-06

    Hollywood 7-23-06

  9. hollywood


    nosey be
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