1. Neonatal T. Hoehnelii

    Neonatal T. Hoehnelii

    9 day old Helmeted baby, freshly misted on a ficus.
  2. LLLReptile

    Fruit flies, spring tails, and rice flour beetles shipped to your door!

    Offer your baby chams variety with multiple types of food items! * Hydei Fruit Flies are large, flightless fruit flies that grow a little slower than the smaller melanogaster, but are larger and often better suited for neonate chams! Order 4 for $39.99 - price includes shipping! Shipped...
  3. ferretinmyshoes

    BABIES! Oscar and Loretta babies!

    I am sad to miss out on Daytona but my house is now much more exciting! This is my first ever clutch of panther eggs between my much adored Oscar and super sweet Loretta. They were laid Jan 13 this year and the first baby hatched yesterday!! When I left for work the egg was slit and it was...
  4. Baby Veiled Seeing The World For The First Time

    Baby Veiled Seeing The World For The First Time

    Baby Veiled Chameleon hatching
  5. T. Montium Neonate

    T. Montium Neonate

    4 Hour old Trioceros Montium
  6. 5 Minutes Old

    5 Minutes Old

    A newborn Panther Chameleon, no more than 5 minutes out of the egg. You can still see the egg sack attached providing him last minute nutrients. It will soon be depleted, dry up and fall off. It appears to be saying; "Don't look at me, I'm not ready yet!"
  7. Baby Pairs

    Baby Pairs

    A pair of 1 day neonates attempting to get some sleep (they are actually both males)...these guys are so cute as babies...but will eventually transform into hulking "Mungs" in no time ("Mung" is the name of their daddy)
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