1. OptimusCham

    Crickets/Locusts escaping from my feeder!

    Okay so I'm currently using an old Coke bottle as the bottle feeder for my cham but within minutes (sometimes even seconds!) of putting the crickets or locusts in there, they jump right out. It's a pain in the a*se because unless they're in the feeder, he doesn't seem interested in eating them...
  2. OptimusCham

    Optimus' big new home! - Build Thread

    Okay so the title pretty much sums up this thread really. Optimus is my 6.5 month old Ambilobe Panther & it won't be long until he will need to upgrade from his current 2' x 2' x 3' home. I'm only in the planning stages of the new viv, taking measurements, drawing up designs and the like...
  3. ReptiGeek

    Vivarium with Custom Background and Waterfall

    Just finished this up today! Will house my pair of dendrobates leucomela's.
  4. ReptiGeek

    What do you use? UVA+UVB

    Hey guys, just wandering what everyone uses in conjunction with their UVB light set-up? I believe the Exo Terra linear tubes (for UVB output) has a 6700K rating, so what regular UV light (and rating) should I use with it to stimulate a more natural "sun" look?
  5. Chameleons Northwest

    REPTAID: Natural Herbal Supplement. Boost immunity. Help fight parasites & infections

    Reptaid was developed to target common reptile health issues. It includes a variety of oils and herbs specifically chosen for their ability to fight against parasites and infection. Reptile keepers, veterinarians, breeders, and importers marvel at its affectiveness in helping to restore reptile...
  6. Naturalistic Nosy

    Naturalistic Nosy

    Gorgeous George Michael
  7. Natural Lite

    Natural Lite

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