1. ReptiGeek

    Naboo update! [Pictures]

    Okay okay, slap my wrists and rattle my bones, it's been a while. To be fair, I have been QUITE busy. I recently added a few new pets ( and I have been passing out every day after work. Please, enjoy these photos...
  2. ReptiGeek

    365 Days of Naboo

    This thread will be updated every day for an entire year, to track the growth of my newest edition: Naboo (87.5% Mitsio, 12.5% Ambilobe). Sired by Jupiter from ZenReptiles. This is a photography project. Photographers take a picture of the exact same object/ subject for a full year to show...
  3. Fireside Festivities

    Fireside Festivities

    Naboo poses for the camera in front of the fireplace and lights in spirit of the holidays.
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