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  1. My female chameleon has black around her mouth.

    My female chameleon has black around her mouth.

    Hello, my female panther chameleon has a black outline around her mouth, could this be due to mouth rot, i’ve had to deal with mouth rot with my previous chameleon and would like to spot this out if it gets worse or it’s nothing at all.
  2. kronikcurt


    There is a yellow tinge on the corners of his mouth and possibly minor swelling, freaking out, is this mouth rot aka stomatitis?!?!
  3. Pap

    HELP.! Panther Mouth Infection

    Your Chameleon - He is a Male Panther born on 7/22/12 and I received him on 12/27/12 Handling - Very rarely.. Maybe twice a month to move him to another plant I keep in the room so I can clean his cage up and that is about it... Feeding - His diet is mainly small crickets... I gut...
  4. Xepera

    Pseudomonas aeringuosa – HELP!

    Can you help me? My 2 year-old veiled male was diagnosed very early stage stomatitis and treated with baytril. This didn’t help and we took a sample from his mouth. Lab test result was Pseudomonas aeruginosa, a very tricky one to get rid of. Now his mouth has been washed with gentamicin solution...
  5. kenya

    Mouth rot via fly?

    I am chamsitting an acquaintances two veileds (coincidentally the parents of my recent little clutch) The female had a bit of swelling on her lip and when I looked, there was nothing there. I decided to keep an eye on it. This was last week. Today I was cleaning cages and she gaped at me...
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