1. Echoezra

    They've been here a month now!

    I just realized I've had these guys for a month yesterday! :eek: Time flies. No wonder Zelig's getting so BIG! Lol. I guess I'll need to get some fresh "anniversary" pictures tomorrow, huh? ;)
  2. 5 Month Old Bb Panther

    5 Month Old Bb Panther

    Little guy just got here this morning. Seems to like his enclosure. He has spent all morning drinking from the drip and noon mist.
  3. Sex Please!

    Sex Please!

    Wandering what sex?
  4. Kimani At 2 1/2 Months

    Kimani At 2 1/2 Months

  5. Skittles


    7 Month Old Veiled
  6. Tanks Setup

    Tanks Setup

    set up for 3 mth old panther cham
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